Relative analysis of reportage of women allied news by English dailies in the region of Tamil Nadu


Women have held various positions and played a variety of roles’ in society across centuries especially in a country like India. Women in India had great difficulties to have their voices heard in our country, women have had many barriers to even voice their opinions. They had difficulties to express themselves among family members, to gain access to education, sanitation, employment and also being treated equally in a male subjugated society. Print media being a traditional form of media in our country has been the watchdog of the society since its inception. Print media has had helped in bringing out various issues related to women and those that affected women on the whole at the policy level and in a variety of ways. It is vital to conduct a research study that articulates about the representation in women in print media. In such important phase, it is really necessary to undergo a research study to understand the significance of how media is giving coverage to women especially in the regional newspapers. This Research study is effectively intended to understand, the coverage and space given to women in the print media in Tamil Nadu, by analyzing various regional newspapers using suitable variables and parameters.


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