Terms and condition


Governing access to and use of the content of a journal or journals for which the Licensee is purchasing access on an annual subscription basis.

Section 1. Rights and Obligations of the Licensee

  1. The Licensee may use and access and allow Authorized Users (as defined below) to use and access the electronic versions of WWJMRD (the WWJMRD Material) which are available to the Licensee via the Licensee's subscription provided always that such access and use is via a secure server over which the Licensee has sufficient control to limit distribution of the WWJMRD Material to the Authorized Users. The Licensee shall ensure that the Notes for Authorized Users below are made available to all Authorized Users and physical visitors to the Site e.g. by means of a connect webpage and/or library information packs. All rights in the WWJMRD Material which are not specifically granted to the Licensee under this License are expressly reserved to WWJMRD.