Analysis of a hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engine


Analysis of a hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engine

  • Author P.Naresh
  • Co-Author A.V.Hari Babu, B V Amaranatha Reddy, M Sudhakar Reddy
Keywords : Hydrogen,Dynamo meter,four stroke Gasoline,car


In the history of internal combustion engine development, hydrogen has been considered at several phases as a substitute to hydrocarbon-based fuels. Starting from the 70’s, there have been several attempts to convert engines for hydrogen operation. Together with the development in gas injector technology, it has become possible to control precisely the injection of hydrogen for safe operation. Since the fuel cell needs certain improvements before it is widely used in vehicles, the conventional internal combustion engine is to play an important role in the transition. This study examines the performance characteristics and emissions of a hydrogen fuelled conventional spark ignition engine. Slight modifications are made for hydrogen feeding which do not change the basic characteristics of the original engine. Comparison is made between the gasoline and hydrogen operation and engine design changes are discussed. Certain remedies to overcome the backfire phenomena are attempted.


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