An expert system for shoulder problems using CLIPS

Samy S. Abu Naser

An expert system for shoulder problems using CLIPS

Keywords : Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, CLIPS language, Shoulder Problems


The shoulder joint is consist of bones detained in position by muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Tendons are hard cords of tissue that grasp the shoulder muscles to bones. They assist the muscles move about the shoulder. Ligaments grip the three shoulder bones with one another and aid compose the shoulder joint steady. In this paper an expert system was designed to help out users to properly diagnose shoulder problems. Many shoulder problems are caused by the collapse of soft tissues in the shoulder area. Using the shoulder in excess of may cause the soft tissue to break down earlier as people get elder. Doing physical labor and playing sports can reason shoulder problems. Shoulder tenderness can be felt in one small smudge, in a larger region, or down the arm. Pain that moves all along nerves to the shoulder may be caused by diseases such as: Gallbladder disease, Liver disease, Heart disease, Disease of the spine in the neck, with some information about the disease and how to treat it. CLIPS expert system language was used to design and implement this expert system.


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