Licensure examination for teachers (LET) performance of Batstateu graduates for the last five years

Nerrie E. Malaluan

Licensure examination for teachers (LET) performance of Batstateu graduates for the last five years


This study described the LET performance of Batangas State University graduates from the school year 2011 to 2015. Likewise, it also determined the difficulties met by graduates in taking the LET. The researcher made use of qualitative research design since she investigated accessible documents pertaining to the LET rating of the teacher education graduates from 2011 to 2015. Documentary analysis was the main data gathering tool used to describe the profile of graduates and their LET performance. Interview was also conducted to determine the difficulties encountered by graduates in taking the test. The findings revealed that majority of College of Teacher Education graduates from 2011-2015 are female, took BSEd program and with English, Science and Math as area of specialization. Moreover, the LET performance of BEEd and BSEd graduates from 2011-2015 is above the national passing percentage and the over-all performance of graduates is average. It was found out that there is no significant difference between the performance of BEEd and BSEd graduates. As to difficulties met, BEEd graduates encountered difficulty in professional subjects and general education subjects particularly in Math and Science for BSEd and attendance to review classes. Lastly, the proposed measures when implemented may help improve LET performance of graduates. It was recommended that the College may employ measures and strategies to enhance licensure examination ratings and should periodically conduct intensive LET review classes. In addition, the head of the College should monitor and evaluate delivery of instruction of professional education subjects. Parallel studies may be conducted to validate the findings of this study.


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