‘’साधू सुंदर सिंग:- रक्ताळलेल्या पायाच्या प्रेषित’’

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Sadhu Sunder Singh was born in Rampur village of Punjab in 1889 in a Sikh family. He had become an opponent of Christianity and a supporter of it. He used to travel on foot to Japan, Tibet, Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh, Malaya. China, United States Sadhu Sundar Singh, who wrote books on the missionary movement in the solitude of the Himalayas, was undoubtedly the leading Indian ambassador of the Indian Christian missionary movement.
A friend of Sadhu Sunder Singh once told him, "I know the importance of your saffron robe. You are giving India the water of life from the western cup, but you should also teach that method to the Indian Christian community. You have experienced Christ and tell it to Hindus and Muslims." You should feel the same way, you should tell the so-called Indian Christians too. "These words of a friend of Sadhu Sunder Singh apply to some churches even today, as many churches have distanced themselves from this missionary movement. It should depend on our life.


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