Solar cell Modeling Based Matlab-Software

Keywords : Matlab, Solar cell, modeling


Due to the large demand and the need to use energy to meet the requirements of life and since the sources of energy available such as coal and oil are disappearing soon, attention, studies and research are moving towards renewable and alternative energies such as wind power, hydro, thermal, and solar energies etc… as renewable sources in the future.
This research is related to solar energy as an assistant to researchers and designers who design solar cell systems. Instead of much time, effort and expense in designing and building a solar cell system, this program helps to design these systems by knowing the specifications of the solar cell which help the designers to improve their systems design. If the results are good, then you can start building the solar system, the software used is the Matlab Software, by this software the curves of power, current and voltages obtained which gives the specifications of the solar cell accurately.


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