Challenges of Higher Education in India


Challenges of Higher Education in India

Keywords : vocational and technical schools - modern economy - vibrant society - right leadership - technical Institutes - research Institutes - professional and non -professional colleges - affiliating system


The Indian higher education system is one of the largest systems in the World. A large number of students are knocking at the doors of higher education institutions in the country. Indian higher education system has undergone massive expansion in post-independent India with establishment of several Universities, Technical Institutes, Research Institutions and Professional / Non-professional Colleges all over the country to generate and disseminate knowledge coupled with the noble intention of providing easy access to higher education to the common Indian. But the quality of higher education is not up to the mark. There is a need to develop a system of rewarding the best performing faculty members by providing performance-linked monetary and non-monetary benefits by implementing, annual performance appraisals, explicit promotion standards, and Performance-based remuneration system. Curriculum should be regularly reviewed and updated at least for every 4 years. More funding is needed to endanger research.


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