‘’ख्रिस्ती धर्म आणि धर्मांतरण’’

Keywords : Christianity, Conversion, Missionaries, Religion, Jesus Christ, Christ, Conscience, Freedom, India, Equality


The biggest charge on Christianity is that it forcibly converts people. But this is clearly wrong and wrong. Christianity and its followers, Christian missionaries, and church clergy never made such an effort. Because working so hard is against the scriptures. When Jesus started preaching, he asked people to believe. Whoever comes to Jesus Christ, whether blind or ill, asks Jesus Christ, "Do you believe?" Do you believe that if the answer was yes, then Christ would heal him and pray for him? There is no forced conversion to Christianity and Christianity and the Church is exercising its rights according to the Indian Constitution. Christianity has been organizing its religious festivals, traditions and gatherings according to the rules of conversion and the rules of government and that is why Christianity has been making its social contribution to the fabric of India for the last two centuries.


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