Stochastic Behaviour and Busy Period Analysis of a System

Ruchi Yadav

Stochastic Behaviour and Busy Period Analysis of a System

Keywords : Reliability, Mean time to system failure, Availability, Exponential distribution


Two-unit standby redundant systems have been extensively studied by several authors in the past. Khaled and Said (2010) analyzed a two-unit cold standby system with two stage repair and waiting time. In the present paper the system consists of a two-dissimilar components working in parallel, say A and B. Both the components are operative initially at time t=0. A single repair facility is available for the repair. Upon failure of a component the repair facility, if not busy, is available with some fixed probability p. If repair facility is not available at the time of a failure of a component, it is called for repair. The repair facility appearance time distribution is exponential. When repair facility is busy in repair of the failed component, the other failed component waits for its repair. After repair, the components become as good as new. The repair times of both the components are arbitrary functions of time. Failure time distributions are to be exponential.


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