Dairy Industry and Sewage Wastewater

Ajay Sharma

Dairy Industry and Sewage Wastewater

Keywords : Dairy, Wastewater, processes, sources, effluent, characteristics, effect


In this paper, it is shortly discussed that what are the units involved in the dairy industry, what processes are involved in it; the work done in these processes; from what processes we can obtain the wastewater and what are the sources of wastewater in these units and the effect of this wastewater on the environment. These industries discharge wastewater which is characterized by high chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, nutrients, and organic and inorganic contents. Such wastewaters, if discharged without proper treatment, severely pollute receiving water bodies and disrupts complete ecosystem. Moreover, the Indian government has imposed very strict rules and regulations for the effluent discharge to protect the environment. Thus, appropriate treatment methods are required so as to meet the effluent discharge standards.


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