Optimization Task Scheduling Techniques for Distributive Environment

Dr. Sunil Kumar

Optimization Task Scheduling Techniques for Distributive Environment

Keywords : Cloud Computing, Heuristic based Task Scheduling, Distributive Environment, Resource Utilization, and Makes pan


Distributed system has become the soul of today’s computing world and Distributed system have various forms like Grid computing, Ubiquitous computing, Cloud Computing. In the present competitive environment efficient utilization of resources is important, which is possible by efficient task and resource scheduling. For this purpose various task scheduling algorithms has been proposed by eminent scholars. Meta-Heuristic algorithms are the renowned algorithm to achieve the optimum result in term of execution time, load balancing and cost. These types of problem are known as NP-Hard problem. This paper performs the SWOT Analysis of few of the prominent Meta-Heuristic algorithm optimization techniques. In this paper an extensive comparative study has been performed in terms of their strength, weakness, opportunity and threat to the already proposed algorithm to find out the scope for the further research in these prominent areas


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