A Study on Remediation of Some Heavy Metals in Mariout Lake

Rania M. Nasser

A Study on Remediation of Some Heavy Metals in Mariout Lake

Keywords : Chromium, Cadmium, Nickel, remediation, Alfalafa, Bacillus subtilis, Lake Mariout


Summary: Lake Mariout one of the major lakes in Egypt and forms the southern boundary of the city of Alexandria. It lies between Latitude31º 07' N and Longitude 29º 57'E along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. It has an area of 60 km2 and ranges in depth from 1 to3 m. it has been in existence for more than 6,000 years. It covered an area of approximately 700 km2, extending more than 40 km southeast and 70 km southwest along the Mediterranean cost. The lake has gone over the years many changes to the extent that it became dry in several years. There is no any connection with the sea, but it was getting its water from River Nile
Nickel is a silvery white metal of the periodic table. It has a specific density of 8.90 g/cm3; it is insoluble in water, soluble in dilute nitric acid and aqua regia, slightly soluble in hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. Nickel usually has an oxidation state of two.
Chromium atomic number 24, relative atomic mass 51.96 occurs in oxidation states from -2 to +6, but only the 0 (elemental), +2, +3 and +6 states are common.
Cadmium atomic number 48; relative atomic mass 112.40, Some cadmium compounds are practically insoluble in water, which can be changed to water-soluble salts in nature under the influence of oxygen and acids. Most of the cadmium found in mammals, birds, and fish is probably bound to protein molecules.


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