Static and Dynamic Stress Analysis of Spur Gear Considering Effects of Geometric Parameter

Keerthi Kavin.M

Static and Dynamic Stress Analysis of Spur Gear Considering Effects of Geometric Parameter

  • Author Keerthi Kavin.M
  • Co-Author Rajivgandhi.A, Mathiyazhagan.D, Naveenkumar.P
Keywords : Finite element models, spur gear, tooth profile


Gear design is considered to be one of the most important and complicated fields of mechanical engineering design, because of its wide usage and applications, in mechanical and electrical systems. Due to the high working speed requirements in industry of rotating components, gear design development becomes quite noticeable and rapid in the vicinity of parameters, and effects of dynamic load and dynamic stresses on its performance. Consequently, this work concentrates on the variation of static geometric parameters on gear tooth design as also, the dynamic loading. In this present work the spur gear of straight tooth is chosen under the theory of involute gears. The theories and formulations of spur gear tooth profile are investigated by its two parts; Involute and Trochoid and a geometric method for involute gearing is introduced. A problem of contact stress has been chosen contain two teeth in different contact positions, representing a mating pair of gears during the rotating operation, a Programme by Qbasic language has been developed to plot a pair of teeth in contact, this Programme has been run each 3° of pinion rotation from the first location of the contact to the last location of the contact to produce 10 cases. Each case represents a sequence position of contact between these two teeth. The program gave graphic and numerical results for the profiles of these teeth in each different position and locations of contact during the rotating operation. Finite element models have been built for these cases and stress analysis has been done.


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