India as the Setting in the Raj Quartet

Dr Vidya Patil

India as the Setting in the Raj Quartet

Keywords : Quartet, English novelist, British Raj, Historical past


Paul Scott is certainly the most outstanding of all the English novelists who have written about India and its impact on the British and also about the last years of the British Raj in India. He has constructed each novel with much thought and care as revelations of human behaviour. The Raj Quartet is one of his most enduring works. It is a tetralogy comprising of the four novels, The Jewel in the Crown (1964), The Day of the Scorpion (1968), The Towers of Silence (1971) and The Division of the Spoils (1975). Taken as a whole, The Quartet gives us a panoramic view of India from the Quit India Movement to Partition and Independence..Times and places are clearly charted. Readers travel from ‘The Mac Gregor house’ via ‘The Bibighar Gardens’, ‘The Moghul Room’, and ‘The Dak Bungalow’ to the ‘Circuit House’. Paul Scott brings each of these places to life with his detailed descriptions - both of their historical past and their tumultuous present.


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