Sensationalism of News by Dailies in Tamil Nadu

R. Venkatesh Aravindh

Sensationalism of News by Dailies in Tamil Nadu

Keywords : Newspapers, Print media, Coverage, Importance, Sensationalism


Newspapers happen to be one of the oldest forms of medium of communication on the world. As far as India is concerned, it is to be noted that newsppaers happens to be one of the traditional forms of media after radio. It is to be noted that newspapers revolutionized various aspects in the country and have had a say through the colonial period and especially in the freedom struggle movement where it played a massive role in reaching the masses. Newspapers also had more power in getting across various aspects to the people for serving as an information resource, spreading awareness and informing them of other aspects including policies and schemes made for the people by both the State and the Central governments. It is also to be noted that newspapers slowly and steadily made progress to reach a status of being a very reliable form of media among people cutting across age, ethnics, caste, religion etc. However, it is to be seen that thery were not achieved without challenges and that is why they have a formidable say in the history and culture of our country. The advent of internet and new media has made the traditional media outlets especially newspapers to adopt newer means and avenues to get their content across to the masses. The current research study looks at the aspect of how newspapers are indulging in unhealthy practices by giving more coverage to news items of very less importance wherein there lie abundant news items that need more attention and coverage among six major dailies in the state of Tamil Nadu.


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