Programme Popularity and Preference among Television Viewers in Trichy

R. Venkatesh Aravindh

Programme Popularity and Preference among Television Viewers in Trichy

Keywords : Television, users, medium, popularity, preference


The roots of television as a medium in India dates back to 1975. It was at that time the Central government thought of experimenting with the introduction of Cable television in India. But, it was not easy at seemed in implementing it to the huge population at that time. There were genuine concerns as to how the medium will be accepted, the level of penetration among the masses. There were also great concerns about the effectiveness of the medium among the masses in the long run. The government then decided to join in partnership with NASA through ISRO to test the impact of Cable TV in the country. The Cable TV transmission then started after a series of visits by teams from both the organizations. It was a grand success. Majority of the success was attributed to the telecast of agricultural and educational programs. It garnered greater acceptance and popularity especially among the farmers and other pockets of the grass roots people. Although the telecasting was not supported by NASA after a period of one year, the government decided upon itself to continue this particular method. As years progressed, through its own mediawing- the Doordarshan, the government telecasted programs of various genres and introduced varieties of content to view on TV. There was wide acceptance and popularity for many of their programs. This research study aims to explore the preferred timing of watching television by the users and to find out the popularity of various TV programs. The study will also seek answers in finding out about the likeliness of users in suggesting TV programs. The researcher has employed quantitative research approaches to elicit response from the respondents.


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