A Review on Data Leakage Detection & Prevention Using Cloud Computing

Gagandeep Kaur

A Review on Data Leakage Detection & Prevention Using Cloud Computing

Keywords : Data Leakage Detection & Prevention; DLP; Cloud Computing; Security in Cloud Computing


In today’s business world, many organizations use Information Systems to manage their sensitive and business critical information. The need to protect such a key component of the organization cannot be over emphasized. Data Loss/Leakage Prevention has been found to be one of the effective ways of preventing Data Loss. Data Loss Prevention is found to be the data leakage/loss control mechanism that fits naturally with the organizational structure of businesses. It not only helps the organization protect structured data but it also helps protection and leakage prevention of unstructured data.
DLP is considered as preventive control which when applied helps organization prevents data leakage of sensitive information (Personal identifiable information, financial information, trade secrets, merger and acquisitions etc.). The DLP solution is not only for the big organizations and for particular industry sector like banking and finance but it is a need for small organizations and other fields of business (Health care, aviation, consulting etc.) due to various Laws and Regulatory requirement by different countries. In this paper we study the various mechanisms for data leakage detection and prevention.


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