Communication on the Formation and Development of Vietnamese shipping

Thi Cam Huyen Nguyen

Communication on the Formation and Development of Vietnamese shipping

Keywords : shipping, plan, maritime industry, developing orientation


Talking about marine economy in Vietnam, we must first mention the advantages of sea transport, which is close to international and regional maritime routes, to develop the maritime industry, ship industry and logistics. Next is the fishery sector with about 130,000 boats, of which over 10,000 large capacity vessels and offshore fishing. Many investment projects on marine economic development, from aquaculture, seafood, offshore fishing and fishery infrastructure are invested. This is an important fishermen force that both produces and present civilians, contributing to affirming the country's sovereignty over sea and islands. The oil and gas industry always holds an important position and role in the marine economy, is the pillar and spearhead of the country, making important contributions to the annual budget, contributing to regulating macroeconomic stability, ensuring security and balance of energy, food security, social security and participation in maintaining national sovereignty over the sea. Oil and gas activities of Vietnam have developed significantly, quite comprehensively in both width and depth, financial potential and management and executive capacity, becoming a complete economic and technical branch, sets, various forms of ownership from search, exploration and exploitation to transport, processing, storage, distribution, service and import and export. Sea and island tourism industry is also on the rise, attracting investment in sea and island tourism infrastructure, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.


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