Solution for Developing the Inland Port and Waterway Transportation Network

Phuoc Quy Phong Nguyen

Solution for Developing the Inland Port and Waterway Transportation Network

Keywords : inland port, transportation network, potential, shortcomings, development planning


Seaport is one of five transport infrastructures, the gateway of import and export goods and is the focal point for transforming transport modes from sea transport to rail, road and inland waterway transport. . Therefore, the port system and logistics services associated with port operation always play a particularly important role. Currently, Vietnam has 44 seaports and 263 ports with a total length of about 89km. In particular, deep sea port, gateway port in combination with international transshipment port can receive ships of 100-200 thousand tons which have been invested in construction in the North and the South and are continuing to study investment. in the central region. With the capacity of about 550-500 million tons / year, Vietnam seaport system annually approves 90% of import and export goods, contributing to the driving force of economic development of the country. The shallow port (ICD - inland container depot) is considered as an important link in multimodal transport, contributing to reducing transportation costs and reducing the time to store at ports. Recognizing this importance, the maritime industry has been making great efforts to develop dry ports, but this development has not been as expected.


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