1 Some fuels used for marine diesel engines

Thanh Hai Truong

1 Some fuels used for marine diesel engines

Keywords : fuel, alternative fuel, maritime


In the world with the great development of the industry, manufacturing for a very long time, the use of diesel engines in the agricultural industry, industry, transportation is very extensive, with the capacity and large scale. Not only have industrialized countries applied early, but they have also improved to meet the growing demand in the world today. From rudimentary engines, large, bulky components over time have become compact, shape, design, and modern in automation and control systems. Because of the advantages of a diesel engine compared to a gasoline engine such as higher engine efficiency, cheaper fuel, use of fuel mixture and quality is not too rigorous diesel engines. It is widely used in many branches and fields. In the industrialization and modernization of the day, the use of small diesel engines has played an important role in contributing to the development of the national economy in such areas as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, road, and water transport. For small-sized diesel engines, to operate efficiently and meet the requirements in the fields of exploitation and production, besides the improvement of engine structure to improve capacity, economic indicators. There are other research projects such as the production of new fuel, biofuel replacing a traditional and friendly fuel, without environmental pollution, greenhouse effect. These studies have been studied and applied by many countries, organizations, and scientists around the world with the aim of being environmentally friendly and reducing harmful emissions to the environment.


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