The solutions for the development of Vietnamese logistics

Phuoc Quy Phong Nguyen

The solutions for the development of Vietnamese logistics

Keywords : logistic, fleet, marine environment


Vietnam transport and logistics activities are on the rise along with the increase in import and export activities. According to a recent announcement by the World Bank (WB), Vietnam is ranked at position 39 with a significant improvement in its LPI (Logistics performance index) 3.27, ranking 3 in ASEAN (after Singapore position 7 and Thailand position 32) ranking of 2018 logistics activities, is considered to have better logistics service performance than comparable income markets. Vietnam currently has many advantages to develop transport and logistics industry: (1) Increased global trade exchange with international economic integration and successful signing of free trade agreements ; (2) Appropriate geographical location to build transit centers in Southeast Asia; (3) Infrastructure: warehouses, highways, seaports and airports are not improved. In 2018, the logistics industry increased by about 12-14%. The current number of transport and logistics enterprises is 3,000, including roads, railways, seaways, inland waterways and airways. The development of the transport and logistics industry will also create conditions for Vietnam to quickly become a new production center in the region with competitiveness. Industry players also showed growth confidence when more than 73% of enterprises surveyed by Vietnam Report said that the entire transport and logistics industry in Vietnam will achieve growth on two numbers, nearly 27 % predicted to be below 10% in 2019.


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