“Green cure in hair care”- A concise Review


“Green cure in hair care”- A concise Review

  • Author P.L.Rajagopal
  • Co-Author K.R.Sreejith, K.Premaletha, P.N.Sajith Kumar, I.Arthi, K.T.Linsha, S.Aneeshia
  • DOI
Keywords : Hair growth, Herbal drugs


Certain diseases associated with hair growth are becoming a serious issue in the society. At present there are many herbal drugs which are available in the market, which will help in the promotion of hair growth, but only few of them are helps in resolving the diseases and disorders associated with hair growth. So we can say that those medicinal herbs are cosmetically active and therapeutically inactive. This review emphasise on those herbs which can be used in the diseases which affects the scalp and also those condition where there is inhibition of growth of hair.


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