‘’ख्रिस्ती साहित्यिक आणि वाचन-मनन-चिंतन’’

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It is very important for a writer to read Christian books before writing Christian literature. "Read or quit being a pastor." John Wesley's words will be bitter to many ministers. But it is true that if you want to serve as a preacher or litterateur, you have to read literature. Why do you think reading is beyond his reach? Intellectual power does not automatically pass from one generation to the next. We are as wise as our father, we welcome his thoughts as our thoughts. The decline of modern Christian literature is not difficult for the early Christian clergy, the mystics, but their place among the few elite. The reason why Christians can't read beautiful Christian books is because they are just books without obedience. They try to read. It is impossible to create Christian literature without reading the scriptures and Christian literature.


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