Maritime safety: a key for the shipping development

Khoi Le

Maritime safety: a key for the shipping development

  • Author Khoi Le
  • Co-Author Manh Hung Nguyen, Phuoc Quy Phong Nguyen, Thanh Nam Dang
Keywords : domestic waterway, safety, operation, solution


In recent times, there have been a number of particularly serious maritime accidents that have caused great loss of property to Vietnamese ships operating inland routes and VR-SB-class water transport means. The initial cause of the accidents showed that the vehicle's operating area was not in line with the permitted operating area limit or exceeded the allowed wind and wave limit. In particular, for VR-SB-class watercraft when operating beyond the permissible marine limits and not complying with the regulations on license management, loading of goods, safety equipment on board and The number of people on board is not in accordance with the actual declaration. In order to ensure maritime safety and inland waterway traffic safety in the coming time, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of ships and VR-SB-class waterway vessels operating in the water area under management. In particular, to attach importance to supervising the work of loading and unloading of goods, ensuring that goods are loaded and tied up according to regulations and in accordance with the permitted tonnage; crew members ensure the minimum safe manning and full professional certificates; crew members and passengers on the vehicle in accordance with the declared number when carrying out procedures for arrival, arrival and in accordance with the layout of life-saving equipment of the means. Promote the propagation and dissemination of laws on maritime and inland waterways to enterprises, ship owners and crew members to raise awareness of maritime safety and inland waterways. Enhancing the inspection of Vietnamese ships operating inland routes, VR-SB-class waterway vessels on safety equipment, practice of coping with emergency situations of crew members; resolutely strictly handle violations, not letting vessels leave ports when there are serious defects affecting safety that have not been remedied.


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