The critical issue in relation to the warehousing

Thanh Nam Dang

The critical issue in relation to the warehousing

  • Author Thanh Nam Dang
  • Co-Author Phuoc Quy Phong Nguyen, Manh Hung Nguyen
Keywords : Warehouse, logistics, shipping


The concept of warehouses or warehouses in logistics is used to store and store products, semi-finished products and finished products in order to supply customers quickly with the lowest cost when required. In addition, the duties of the warehouse include providing information on the location, condition and storage conditions of the goods. For businesses from small to large, having the basic knowledge about warehousing will help to guide when choosing warehousing services or prepare procedures, warehouse costs. For warehouse managers, this is the knowledge required before starting the job. At bonded warehouses, owners of goods deposited may directly, authorize the warehouse owners or agents to carry out customs procedures to perform services such as reinforcement, division, packing; grafting of goods; classify goods products, maintain goods. In addition, it is also possible to transfer goods ownership, two-way goods transfer between bonded warehouses and border gates, between bonded warehouses together and perform import and export procedures. At the bonded warehouse, your documents and customs clearance procedures will always be processed at the fastest speed.


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