The plan of ocean shipping to 2030 towards the development

Thieu Sang Ha

The plan of ocean shipping to 2030 towards the development

Keywords : ocean shipping, plan, maritime


International trade between Vietnam and the world has seen strong developments, and this has really become a very favorable condition for the development of Vietnam's shipping industry. And in that development process, the requirements for the development of shipping services towards modernization with increasing quality, reasonable cost, safety, limiting environmental pollution and saving energy ; Increasing competitiveness of shipping is essential for Vietnam's shipping industry to actively integrate and expand shipping markets in the region and in the world. The difficult situation of many large and small shipping lines has led to a vibrant wave of mergers and acquisitions. The fact that shipping lines reinforce the alliance form is also a way for shipping lines to cope with uncertainties in the near future. In the coming time, the M&A wave continues but has entered the final stage and there will not be many big deals happening. The coalition form will continue to be used by shipping lines. Shipping lines will increasingly use technology to reduce operating costs and reduce staffing, following the recent trend of cutting costs.


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