The impact of climate change on human rights: its reduction

Keywords : Climate, Human Rights, Health, Natural Resources, India.


Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human rights and poses a serious threat to the basic human rights to life, health, food, and the quality of life of individuals and communities around the world. Human rights perspectives provides additional arguments to strengthen the struggle for climate justice. International human rights law provides more binding obligations than environmental law, obligations that can be used to seek effective policies and measures for climate change. It includes countries committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through international agreements, based on the scientific and economic scale of mitigation costs and the benefits of mitigating climate change that are already beginning to plague us. Benefits of adopting a human rights are the range of tools we have, including litigation, international surveillance and home inspections by human rights bodies, as well as monitoring through human rights and standards indicators. Climate action has the potential to reduce huge gap in living standards, wealth, and power between rich and poor nations through money transfer and technology. Such actions would not be generous. However, with determination, common sense, and humility we can use our strength to support and be led by those who are at the forefront of climate change, and who have been leading the struggle for climate justice for so long. Unfortunately, the 'human rights approach' to climate change, while well-intentioned, is not supported by the law, and may hamper efforts to combat climate change rather than improve it. Ironically, while human rights advocates insist that human rights are recognized globally and provide the basis for a fundamental commitment that requires action to reduce climate change, human rights are more strongly opposed to climate change policy, so the human rights approach could significantly reduce the near-term crisis - climate agreement for years to come together.


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