Indo-Soviet Relations: Past, Present and Future

Dr. Badruddin

Indo-Soviet Relations: Past, Present and Future

Keywords : India-Russia, Partnership, Prospects, Bilateralism, Economic Security


Ever since 1971 when the Treaty of Peace and Friendship singed between India and Soviet Union (then USSR), relations between the two countries have been marked as gesture, goodwill and understanding which continue even today. It was the charismatic leadership of Nehru who incorporated Russian Socialist Model that became an integral to Indian economic system. India’s economic, political, diplomatic, cultural and strategic relations with Russia are based on strong faith and commitment. Disintegration of USSR and democratic triumph over socialism in Eastern Europe dramatically changed the political landscape with India and rest of the world. Consequently, India lost the traditional relations with Russia at several fronts. Unemployment, social insecurity, economic erosion and image of ‘USSR as Superpower’ ceased to exist during the age of globalization and economic liberalization. Despite odds and challenges, India’s bilateral ties with Russia have served as the stabilizing factor in global peace and security. Even today, Russia remains the most loyal partner of India in various odds and challenges. By all means and ends, Indo-Soviet Relations encompass the great scholarly debate during the age of globalization, Economic liberalization and ICT Revolution.


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