COVID-19 Case Complicated By Massive Embolism

Guliko Kiliptari

COVID-19 Case Complicated By Massive Embolism

Keywords : Thrombosis, Pulmonary embolism, inflammation


In COVID-19 patient high rate of thromboembolic complications has a high hospital mortality. The early pathogenesis in COVID-19 pneumonia “ defined by a widespread endotheliitis affecting multiple organ systems, viral inclusion are observed within endothelial cells accompanied by apoptosis, inflammatory cell infiltration and microvascular thrombosis” (Huertas et al.). We presented one case when the patient developed severe respiratory failure after massive pulmonary embolism and coma after ischemic stroke. Patient had many comorbidities with COPD, heart failure (HFrEF) and diabetes mellitus.
Conclusion: High values of d-dimer reveales activation of blood coagulation in COVID-19 patients, like a result of systemic inflammatory response syndrome. Hypoxaemia itself lead to vasoconstriction, inflammation and thrombosis. Presented case of Covid-19-associated pulmonary massive embolism, was a result of inflammation and coagulation, consequence of this processes without revealed evidence of DVT.


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