Dynamics of Institutional Patron - Client in Kampung Bugis District of Poasia Kendari


This study aims to describe the dynamics of transformation of patron-client on the seashore of the District Poasia fishing communities. Fishing activities carried out by fishermen in the district of Kampung Bugis Poasia institutional pattern forming with different social structures, especially in fishing using gae. This research was conducted using the method of interview(interview), observation, documentation, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and analysis of documents (document analysis). Selection of informants was purposively, that person or offender who knows institutional activities that occur patron client in Kampung Bugis. The results showed that the dynamics of transformation of patron-client on fishing communities have occurred social differentiation. Fishing patterns using gae require several different positions with different skills. Sawi or crew members are usually recruited by ties of kinship. Artifacts various positions in arresting belt, namely lapisan on the highest incomes are usually owned by Ponggawa as well as the skipper. Intermediate positions held by bass,artisan circumference, electricians and pakacca.While the lower position with lower incomes reaktif and physical working by tare artisan,artisan bage and artisan lume. Division of the catch is usually middle piece system (punggawa 50%: sawi 50%). In addition, the bond payable by the client (mustard/ labor) to the patron(Ponggawa/ Shipowners) makes the client working as semi-free.


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