Condition of Innovations in Health Care of the Kazakhstan


The article presents the results of the online survey of health professionals on innovation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, defines the reasons that restrain the activity of development and implementation of innovation, the types of innovative technologies and their demand in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The article also suggests ways to improve the efficiency of innovation in organizations, in the form of training of specialists, master classes and opportunities to promote professionals who are actively involved in conducting translational research. According to the degree of employee involvement in the development and/or implementation of innovations, specialists were judged on their innovation activity. It was found that in the majority of cases (62.4%), innovations were borrowed (imported from abroad), and they have mostly (63.3%) been introduced into clinical medicine by health care practitioners (66.9%), while the lowest percentage of innovative activity in the country (22.8%) was found among the specialists holding scientific and academic degrees, as well as their participation in the research. Methods of statistical analysis identified validation criteria of innovation activity depending on the length of employment, age, presence of a scientific degree, qualification category of respondent. Factor analysis or principal components method has determined the main reasons for low level of innovation activity in Kazakhstan – they are a lack of awareness of experts about the latest achievements in science, lack of trained personnel and insufficient target financing of innovation in health care.


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