‘’ख्रिस्ती धर्माबद्दल असलेले गैरसमज’’:- (भाग-२)

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In Christianity, to reject idolatry means to have an evil heart and to put Christ second. The first commandment is the Ten Commandments. 'You must have no other god than me.' This means that Christ must be first in every aspect of a Christian's life. First Christ, then family does not mean enmity with idolaters. Instead, Christ offered his sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. washed away their sins. Loved it. The Bible teaches us to love non-Christians. Christianity is not just about idolatry. But those who do devotion by worshiping idols. They do not mistreat them, they do not hate them, they preach Christ so that they may receive His mercy, love and joy.
Good deeds are done by a true Christian. For if you do good and you do not, it is a sin. But Christianity and the Church stand by the grace of God. No one will be saved according to his deeds, but by the grace of God. To do good for others is to serve Christ. But only God's grace is important for personal salvation.


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