Teaching Children with Hearing Impairment

Penda Annie

Teaching Children with Hearing Impairment

Keywords : Hearing impairment, Specialist teacher, Visual aids, Demonstration method, Teaching and learning aids, and Special unit


This transcript was a study conducted on the teaching of learners with hearing impairment at one special unit for learners with hearing impairment found at one ordinary school in Lusaka in Zambia. It was discovered that the teacher taught grade one class and used an appropriate and suitable teaching method which was demonstration method. It was used to teach the concepts and practical skills of washing the face, brushing the teeth, combing the hair and cutting of nails. The teacher used concrete and a well labeled chart as visual aids and were used as teaching and learning aids though some materials were not enough for each learner. However, she used initiative of using a well labeled chart for all the materials she used. The classroom was conducive despite being multi-graded. The teacher took into account the grade level and needs of learners and used total communication as medium of instruction. The specialist teacher was effective probably because she was trained and was a specialist teacher in teaching learners with hearing impairment. The school administrator was supportive.


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