A Review on Techniques to handle Vampire Attacks

Avtar Singh

A Review on Techniques to handle Vampire Attacks

Keywords : Vampire, WSN, Sink, Mobile Sink


WSN is wireless sensor network consists of various wireless nodes. Each node is communicating to its environment and collects the data from its environment and sends that to the base station. This base station is a sink node which can be moving or stationary nodes. Each sensor node will be distributed into the area randomly, later on they will be localized in the area. while each node sends the collected data to the sink node. While doing it, identify the route from source to the destination. In this type of network there can various types of attacks. These attacks will destroy the network performance. Vampire attack is again such king of attack deteriorate the performances of the network. There lie various techniques which can control the vampire attack. In current review it is studied that which technique has which type of constraints.


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