Music Playlist Manager Using Fisher-Yates Shuffling Algorithm and Sorting

Shreyas Gonjari

Music Playlist Manager Using Fisher-Yates Shuffling Algorithm and Sorting

  • Author Shreyas Gonjari
  • Co-Author Gayathri. P, Gaurav Gupta, Santhi. H, Shaik Naseera, Ashruf Ahmed Siddiqui, Gopichand. G, Geraldine Bessie Amali,
  • DOI
Keywords : Music, Music Playlist, Shuffling, Fisher-Yates Algorithm, Knuth Algorithm, Sorting techniques Random Permutation, Domain-Specific Data Structures


In today’s world music plays an important role in our lives. Music touches a person’s soul and aids him to sympathetically exhibit humanity and unspoken desire within himself. Music helps bringing people together. It provides a platform where people experience similar emotions. There is nothing other than music to relieve one’s soul and uplift it. Music provides us with the opportunity to express our feeling be it joy, passion, love, anger and other kind of feelings. Thus having our favorite music hands on is of high importance in today’s world. The solution for it is having a Music playlist. Further listing to the same music repeatedly on the playlist can become boring and thus shuffling the music around in the music playlist is also important. Shuffling can be achieved through various techniques. The Fisher-Yates Algorithm (Knuth Algorithm) and sorting are two leading methods for achieving random shuffling. So having a comparison of the two shuffling techniques is a necessity. In this paper, based on various factors of comparison the Fisher-Yates Shuffle and the Sorting techniques for random shuffling have been compared. And based on the results of comparison we have come up with the more optimal of the two shuffling techniques.


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