A Proposed Model for Smart Secure Home through Iot

Keywords : Detour Evacuation System, Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things, Fire Detection, Integrated Control System


Smart home design has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years. The field has evolved from designing theoretical smart home frameworks and performing scripted tasks in laboratories. Instead, we now find robust smart home technologies that are commonly used by large segments of the population in a variety of settings. Recent smart home applications are focused on activity recognition, health monitoring and automation. In this system, we take a look at another important role for smart homes: security. We first explore the numerous ways smart homes can provide protection for their residents. Next, we provide a comparative analysis of the alternative tools and research that has been developed for this purpose. We investigate not only existing commercial products that have been introduced but also discuss the numerous research that has been focused on detecting and identifying potential threats. Finally, we close with open challenges and ideas for future research that will keep individuals secure and healthy while in their own homes.


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