Gas Leakage Detection Using RF Robot Based on IOT

Gopichand G

Gas Leakage Detection Using RF Robot Based on IOT

Keywords : RF, RFID, LDR, RF encoder, RF transmitter


Many different wireless sensor nodes for gas pipeline leak detection and location has been proposed. This paper discusses gas, leaking from high pressured gas pipeline. This system can be useful in gas companies or industries where transportation of gas is done.. Here we are using an RF robot to travel through the pipeline. The robot moves as per the directions given by RF remote. This robot is helpful to identify the gas leakage in the pipeline along with the location details. RFID module is interfaced to the robot to identify locations using cards. RFID cards are placed at different locations in the pipeline. An LDR sensor is placed which gives a pulse to the controller when the light is detected. The robot will be moving in the pipeline and notifies about each place. It identifies leakage i.e. damage caused to the pipeline by recognizing light using LDR sensor. All this information will be updated in the web server using IOT module connected to the controller. We are using AT89S52 as our controller. The RF modules used here are Transmitter, Receiver, RF Encoder and RF Decoder. The four switches are interfaced to the RF transmitter through RF Encoder. The encoder continuously reads the status of the switches, passes the data to the RF transmitter and the transmitter transmits the data. This paper uses a 12V battery.


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