Load Balancing Using Fuzzy Inference System in Distributed Computing

Shaik Naseera

Load Balancing Using Fuzzy Inference System in Distributed Computing

  • Author Shaik Naseera
  • Co-Author G.K. Rajini, Santhi H, Gayathri P, Gopichand G, Geraldine Bessie Amali.D, Madhusudhana Rao
  • DOI
Keywords : Load Balancing, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Fuzzy Inference System, Resource Utilization


It is seen that, the organizations have been interested in the decentralization of processing while achieving the integration of the information resources within their distributed systems of database, applications and users. Distributed System is a technique which allows using large number of resources where it is possible to access the resources from anywhere and anytime. Balancing the load for efficient resource utilization becomes pivotal. We propose a system of distributed load balancing using fuzzy inference system. This method doesn’t require an external module to look after the load in the network it is managed by the nodes within the network. This eliminates the problem of single point of failure and becomes a more effective way of balancing the load in the network. This paper discus about load balancing in intra and inter cluster nodes of the network.


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