Design and Fabrication of Rescue Motor Vehicle

Tamilarasu. B

Design and Fabrication of Rescue Motor Vehicle

Keywords : RMS, Ambulance


Now a day’s road accidents in India are increasing day by day, approximately more than 400 peoples are died on accidents and many are injured. As per survey in India, Tamilnadu is the state which has the maximum number of road accidents and injuries. At present, 108 ambulances and private ambulances are doing the medical services to victim. But the ambulances cannot reach the hospitals within the time due to heavy traffic in rural and urban cities. To overcome this situation, the government of India planned to serve the first aid to victim. As a result, in India in 2015 Karnataka government introduced the bike ambulance scheme to serve the first aid to the accident victim until the arrival of ambulance. Recently in 2016 Tamilnadu government also introduced the same scheme. The schemes can serve only first aid to the accident victim but can’t help the accident victim to take them to the hospitals on the time. To overcome these problems, we design and fabricate the rescue motor vehicles (RMV) which can be used to carry the accident victim to the hospitals on time. The rescue motor vehicle includes an inclined stretcher support to carry the victim. This additional stretcher has been modelled by using the CREO software and analysed by using ANSYS software. RMV includes an emergency kit, foot rest and siren. Emergency kit consists of portable oxygen cylinder, pulsoxymeter, BP apparatus, glucometer and digital thermometer. Thus the RMV can serve immediate first aid to the accident victim and also to carry the victim to the hospitals even in the heavy traffic conditions too.


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