A Review on Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environments


A Review on Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environments

Keywords : Energy consumption, energy measurement, Green cloud, Energy-aware cloud, ENERGY-AWARE provisioning.


Cloud computing has rapidly emerged as a successful paradigm for providing IT infrastructure, resources and services on a pay-per-use basis over the past few years. As, the wider adoption of Cloud and virtualization technologies has led to the establishment of large scale data centers that consume excessive energy and have significant carbon footprints, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for data centers and Cloud. Today data centers energy consumption represents 3 percent of all global electricity production and is estimated to further rise in the future. Cloud led to the establishment of large data centers that contribute in the energy consumed worldwide and consequently the carbon emission and environmental drawbacks. Green Cloud computing evolves around the development of algorithms that decreases the energy consumption and became an active research area. Green cloud strategies are proposed and tested via a broad range of assumptions. Surveying these strategies can identify the fitness of them in achieving the common objectives along with the energy consumption. We identified the way energy consumption is observed and what energy saving methods are applied. Based on that we present a taxonomy and analysis of their strength and weakness of the existing methods. Ultimately, regarding the result of the analysis and trends for future research in green Cloud computing is identified.


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