‘’मिशनरी चळवळीची आव्हाने आणि परिणाम’’

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Many European Christian missionaries came to India, for example: William Carey, Gordon Hall, Rev. Howard, Mother Teresa, Bartholomew Zigenbaugh, Graham Stuart Steins, etc. At the same time, Christian missionaries brought education, health and economic stability to all parts of India, despite superstitions, profane norms and traditions. After India's independence, this responsibility now rested with Indian Christians or those who accepted Jesus Christ. The names of so many Indian missionary Sadhu Sundar Singh, Bhai Daniel and Bhakt from the early twentieth century can be attributed to Singh.

European missionaries made Indian missionaries:-
Even before India's independence, many Indian missionaries were trained for the gospel of Jesus Christ in India. Preserving the diversity and social moral values of Indian society, these missionaries started their work and carried the burden of European missionaries on their shoulders. European missionaries empowered the Indian people spiritually, educationally, healthy and financially through scriptures and ideologies, and then made them Christian missionaries. All the missionaries who came to India had their own spiritual and social status. The work ignited a new flame of truth and spiritual nationalism in India. So Indian society woke up and started fighting for freedom. The missionary movement and the social work of the missionaries dealt a serious blow to the undesirable customs and traditions of the society. has contributed.


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