Importance of Business Communications in Corporate Business

Aleksandar Đokić

Importance of Business Communications in Corporate Business

Keywords : Business communication, enterprise culture and management behavior


The development of corporate business today does not know the geographic boundaries. The changed understanding of the concept of corporation has evolved depending on the technological advancement of human civilization and especially of the world of business. The world of business today is characterized by a high degree of transparency and public, clear and controlled behavior. The influence of the environment on the functioning of the corporation is getting stronger. Thus, information and communication technologies enable a more flexible cultural-ethical companion that covers the corporate domain and the domain of personal responsibility in business. From these facts, there was a need for a more detailed study of the notion of values created in the "cult of culture" and developed on the "tree of ethics" in the dynamics of modern corporations. The essence of this conclusion lies in the fact that "corporations today live in the time of expert buyers", which are not only more demanding in terms of supply and demand for products and services but also more and more competent in the field of concept and design, but also in the field of corporate decision making.

For this reason, this research, with emphasis on business communication, quite justified the need to change current corporate behavior in the building of corporate values based on cultural-ethical grounds, and this behavior will increase corporate values more quickly, more consistently, more accurately and more accurately and accept the business environment and end customers themselves to become more loyal.


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