The Assumptions of Development in the Spirit of Hegel's Philosophy of Economics (1) Civil Society and State

Borislav Bijelić

The Assumptions of Development in the Spirit of Hegel's Philosophy of Economics (1) Civil Society and State

Keywords : Spirit, freedom, state, civil society


Discourse of freedom as a function of economic growth and social progress, imbued with social and ethical construct, is compensated by the discourse of neoliberalism, or the possessive individualist type of communism framed in the platform of area globalization and internationalization of business. Basically it comes to returning worldview and practice of reduction of economic science on the basis of doctrinal liberalism and postulates of neoclasisical theory through the new codification, which Hegel, explaining ambivalence but also conditioned penetration of the public sphere (the state and the sphere of civil society), as well as the private relations of exchange, explained through triadic structure of philosophy of law: politics, economics and ethics. By emphasis of Hegel's maxim according to which is everything real also mental, as a contradiction to Kant's formalism which considers that the mind is focused on the regulation of mindless reality, the authors will present rational core of Hegel's philosophy of economy through access to the specificis of the contents structure and relational relationship between of the civil society and state (requirements system) and the interpretation thereof. It is about a dynamic interpenetration of opposites unity of domains of: freedom, private property, markets, rights, interests of the individual and the architecture of understanding of the state as the political sphere reflection of generality, which should be conceived and developed. The significance and scope of the review, the logical exposition, mutually conditional interaction and binding of key assumptions survival and development dynamics between civil society and the state, with a particularly pronounced role of the state as a mental sphere, through the protection of formal freedom and institutional system allows economic activity (spontaneity), authors will presented through a unique way of arranging categorization of Hegel's philosophy of economy, which is still ongoing.


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