Prospect of Message Filtering Expert System in Social Network

Dhruba Jyoti Mishra

Prospect of Message Filtering Expert System in Social Network

Keywords : Online Social Network, Filtering technique, Expert System, User wall, keyword filtering


In this technological era, millions of users are communicating each other with the help of Social Network which makes the globe into a small village. Though this advancement is most appreciable, at the same time it found to be more insecure too as most of the online users try to draw attention with other users in many ways, like posting irrelevant messages / pictures etc. Though Online Social Network (OSN) provides support to prevent unwanted messages on user walls, it is not sufficient to control all types of messages. Moreover, it consumes more time which is not effective compared to the present dynamic world. Researchers today are trying to develop many filtering techniques especially for keyword extraction, but not sufficient to handle all kinds of problems that are facing by normal people in OSN environment. Therefore an advanced and secure message filtering technique is very much essential in OSN.

This paper focuses on the existing message filtering techniques used in OSN and analyzes their prospects towards the prevention of unwanted messages in SN. This paper also focuses on the advantages of Expert System in this regard.


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