Face Biometrics Using Enhanced Version of Genetic Algorithm

Sukhjinder Singh

Face Biometrics Using Enhanced Version of Genetic Algorithm

Keywords : Biometric, MFCC, GA, Fuzzy Logic


Automated face recognition has become a major field of interest. Face recognition is biometric system used to identify or verify a face of a person in security purpose. Some of the previous research work have shown their great enthusiastic in different techniques on face recognition. This research paper propose a novel scheme of entire face recognition method which involves MFCC (Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients) for feature extraction, Genetic algorithm(GA) for feature optimization and fuzzy logic for testing. Research work has two sections namely Training and Testing. In training section is processed by two algorithms MFCC and followed by Genetic algorithm for optimization. Finally, recognition done by using Fuzzy logic in testing section. The proposed approach is tested on a number of face images. Experimental results show better accuracy than existing Genetic algorithm.


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