The Meaning of “Everyone”: An Analysis of John 3:16

Kenneth Oppong

The Meaning of “Everyone”: An Analysis of John 3:16

Keywords : Analysis, predestination, John 3:16, everyone


The doctrine of predestination by John Calvin has gained the world’s recognition over the centuries. Many volumes in catalogues have been written about this subject. Predestination is a teaching that holds that our final destination, heaven or hell, has been decided by God not only before we got there, but before we were even born. It further teaches that our ultimate destiny is in the hands of God. The questions are: has God indeed made provision to save others and allow others to perish? Who has the choice when it comes to man’s salvation, God or human beings? It seems that the most common text, which is sometimes called the Golden Text of the Bible (John 3:16) speaks clearly to this issue of predestination. The study sought to employ an analysis of John 3:16 as a method of addressing the questions which were raised. This paper will be a source of help to those who have been influenced by the doctrine of predestination to get a clear biblical understanding on God’s method of salvation and each individual’s role in the plan of salvation. The paper observed that the character of God is love. His purpose according the text (John 3:16) is to give eternal life to everyone who seeks it, but He does not force anyone to yield to His plan. Therefore, those who are appreciative of the saving power of Jesus Christ and claim it out of their own free will constitute the saved.


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