Ergonomics and Aesthetic Elements of Design

Ugochukwu Kamalu

Ergonomics and Aesthetic Elements of Design

Keywords : Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Design


Design in the present day and trends, is not left to the discretion of pure engineering which delivers results based on functionality but in most times omit the human factor to the design…this is where ergonomics and esthetics come in. Various aspects to product design was looked at, while taking a swing at the general approach to product design from the designing done in the drawing room to the point of market entry. Ergonomics and Aesthetics, as a concept, were x-rayed while keeping then close to their impact and importance in product designs. It was established that customers tend to patronize product designs, chiefly, based on their exterior features such as looks, colour, shape, etc. and not necessarily because of how functional the product is.


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