A Big Data Analysis for Risk Identification on Wireless Sensor Network

Lovepreet Singh

A Big Data Analysis for Risk Identification on Wireless Sensor Network

Keywords : Nodes, WSN, BS, CH, RTBDG, Energy etc.


The era of big data has begun and the huge amount of real-time data is to be utilized for various applications. Some of the challenging processes are data gathering, processing, and analysis of big data in real time. The sources of big data are widely spread across the whole world. The major source of big data is the Wireless Sensor Networks. Wireless sensor networks are design of many hundreds and thousands of nodes. Every node monitors the environment or some of the physical parameter and combines those data. The sensor nodes energy plays a key role in Wireless sensor networks. In the majority of the cases, the crash of a sensor node occurs due to lack of energy thus the lifetime of a node is limited. Hence, the energy utilization ought to be managed well to exploit the system lifetime. There are a various number of protocols and algorithms were planned to diminish the consumption of energy. Here, a real-time big data gathering algorithm (RTBDG) with HEED and SCH is used for gathering the data in real-time. In this Research work, different Zones are considered that are connect with BS. Each Zone has own gateway, CH, and Nodes who are communicating through BS. In this work maximum energy is saved and further, it is improved on real-time tool and systems.


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