Factors Affecting E-Commerce Adoption in Tanzania

Keywords : E-commerce, Adoption, Information and Communication Technology, consumer


Internet technology has been the fast growing technology in the world since its introduction in early 1990's. E-commerce is one of the most important internet tools for commercial/business world. This technology diffuses geographical boundaries and makes a world as one region in business terms. Acceptance of this technology has never been the same for all countries, there are countries which adopt it earlier and other countries such as The United Republic of Tanzania who are still in adoption stage.
This study is focusing on the factors influencing E-commerce adoption in Tanzania. Beside this it also examines factors that hinder E-commerce adoption in Tanzania. Primary data was collected by the use of questionnaire and different classes of respondents filled the questionnaires. Later, the given data were analysed by the use of SPSS software.
The results show that E-commerce in Tanzania is small and still at a growing stage and as well adoption is still slow compared to the developed countries such as UK. Tanzanians still prefer to do physical/traditional business because they lack knowledge and they also don't trust E-commerce and online business/transactions. Lastly the study recommends for the Government and other important players to increase effort in promoting and improving adoption of e-commerce. Respondents suggested different measures to be taken including having Government support and ICT policies, improve ICT infrastructure and proper systems security.


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